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The Globe and Mail is the oldest continuously running newspaper in Canada, and the oldest national daily newspaper in the country.

Today, the Globe and Post carries a diverse and well-researched newspaper which celebrates women writers, artists, artists and artists of colour.

We feature a broad range of issues, including health, arts and culture, fashion, travel and sports.

Read more: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/archives/2015/04/03/women-magazines-1945-today’s-women-books-1945/article7695569.ece This week, The Globe & Mail brings you stories about the lives of women writers and artists from across Canada.

From the most celebrated Canadian women to the forgotten, the diverse voices of women and girls are heard in the stories of our stories.

The first edition of the Globe & Post was published in 1945.

This edition contains the following topics:A celebration of women authors, poets and poets of colour, and women’s books in general, from the first issue of the newspaper in 1935 to the first edition in 1950A discussion of women artists and their works, from a review in 1950 to a book by Canadian artist, Lila Cressy, in 1990A celebration and analysis of Canadian literary institutions, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa Art GalleryA celebration on Canadian art history, from its origins to its present day, in 2017A review of the art world in the late twentieth century, including a book of essays by prominent art historians from around the world, including artists, writers and criticsThe Women’s Book Club, published by the Women’s Literary and Arts Council, is the world’s largest literary association.

The group’s mission is to help Canadian writers and poets and writers of colour discover, publish and preserve the voices of their forebears.

The Women Writers’ and Artists’ Group (WWAG), the official publication of the Women Writers Association of Canada, is a national organization dedicated to the promotion and promotion of women’s literature and the arts.

The WWAG publishes the best female writers and the most innovative female artists in Canada.

In addition, the group supports the advancement of the careers of women in the arts, education and health.

Women Writers’ Artists’ Association of British Columbia is a leading organization in British Columbia for the promotion of Canadian women’s creative work.

WWAGB works with the arts sector to promote and support Canadian artists and writers, and to encourage women to pursue their careers in the field.

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