Why some women are getting mad at men for not listening to them August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021 admin

Women’s health is not something that any man can afford to ignore, and women deserve to know what men want from them, writes Jessica Valenti in a new piece for Recode.

“We are not a disposable commodity.

We are valued.

And we deserve better than to feel like the only people to listen are the men who care.”

As Valenti writes, the most powerful thing women can do to fight back against the male gaze is to make themselves feel valued.

Men are the primary actors in the social world, and if women feel respected and listened to, then they feel more capable of taking control.

When we make ourselves feel valued, we are more likely to take responsibility for our actions, and we’re more likely not to repeat mistakes.

“When men say ‘no’ or ‘don’t listen,’ we’re actually saying, ‘don, I’ll listen to you, but you’ll have to listen to me,'” Valenti says.

“That’s a good place to start.”