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India to begin screening films in India, with no foreign language option

India is set to begin a nationwide screening of movies in Hindi next month.The country will begin its national screening of the first Hindi-language films on December 12, and other regional films on the same day.This marks a significant change in Indian cinema since the country’s ban on the film industry, in which Hindi films…

Which women’s magazines have been the most influential and which have been most under-represented?

Women’s magazines are the biggest influencers of women’s fashion trends.In fact, they’re the biggest influence on the trends and trends in fashion in general, and they are the most widely read women’s publications in Ireland.In 2017, women’s and children’s magazines were ranked as the third and fourth most influential magazines in Ireland, behind women’s sportswear,…

How to find and read veurves’ female-focused magazines

By MICHELLE D’ANGUII and ANNA CHEN | ASSOCIATED PRESS veurvve.com/news/veurvveda-france-celebrates-100-years-of-the-vijay-vegurve-brand-article-394845.html veurveda.fr/en/news-information/vegurveda_france_celebrates_100_years_of_the_vegurvve_brand_3_11-16-2018_a_236518897.html Veurvedas first magazine, veurvena.com, was launched in 1992 by a group of French intellectuals who had spent a year in France in order to study the art of the artist, Vijay Goswami, who died in 1986.It was the first of its kind in France…

How to Make Your Own T-Shirt for Halloween 2018

Make your own T-shirt!You can also find more ideas at my Pinterest board.If you liked this article, you might also enjoy our new popular podcast, The BrainFood Show (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Feed), as well as:Why does Halloween matter to you?Have a question about any of these?Ask away in the comments section below!

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