Our Inspiration and Mission

Welcome to Moonsun Malibu!

We work hard to make our products as good as they possibly can be, so when you wear them you feel different, your state shifts and you feel inspired.

We respect you and when you choose to wear our "Moon Cycle" Flowy Tank or "Chakra Love" Triblend Tee, you deserve to have something unique and special.

Something that reflects exactly who you are at your core. What you want to bring to the world and radiate out to everyone that comes in contact with you.

You not only inspire and grow your own awareness, you actually radiate a message that inspires and potentially helps raise the consciousness of other people around you as well.

You have something to say, you have a voice and our goal is to help you amplify your light.

Nestled comfortably in the heart of Malibu, against the Pacific Ocean in Southern California you'll find the Moonsun Malibu Team. Everything we do reflects exactly who we are and the life we live.

Our experiences, the explorations of the world, the knowledge we gained about the mind and the body and most importantly the people we meet, are inspiring our journey and the things we passionately create every day.

Our passion for crazy-cozy clothes and compelling, genuine design fuels our endeavors and the interests and wishes of our customers are always a top priority for us.

So if we aren't out there chasing some waves in the ocean or practicing yoga, or sharing insights on our blog and on Instagram, we are here to provide you with the most amazing customer experience.

Our love for the ocean and protecting its creatures has always been important to us. 
We donate one dollar of every order coming through our shop to the Ocean Conservation Society and their program that helps protect dolphins and their habitat.

Your purchase is a contribution to something greater and it's supporting the important conservation and research efforts around the Bottlenose dolphins that are native to the coasts of Southern California.

We rely on customer-to-customer recommendations and your opinion matters to us.
Please help us spread the word about Moonsun Malibu.

Thank you very much for your time, for your support and for your interest in our products.

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Your Moonsun-Team
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