Mankato woman says her magazine has no links to sexism July 13, 2021 July 13, 2021 admin

MANKATO, N.H. – The editor of the Mankata-based Woman’s World magazine says the magazine has not been linked to sexism or other forms of misogyny since it was founded in 1972.

The magazine, which has been named Woman’s Weekly, has been described as a “feminist haven” by a former editor who has since left the magazine.

The former editor, Amy Hirschfeld, told a news conference on Monday that her magazine’s goal was “to be as feminist as possible and not to put any labels on women or men or people in general.”

“I think there’s nothing wrong with a magazine that is focused on feminism,” Hirschbrook said.

“I don’t think it is sexist or that we shouldn’t be proud of that.”

The magazine was founded by feminist women, including two former editors, in the 1970s and has had an influential presence in New Hampshire and beyond.

The editors who ran the magazine were women of color and from New England, Hirschberg said.

The Mankatas women’s community said the new issues would include a more diverse lineup of women and would include more women of colour, with more women in the editorial ranks.

“We have been asking ourselves, ‘Why should we keep it about a white woman?’

We are asking ourselves that question,” said Rachel T. Smith, executive director of the Women’s Council of New Hampshire.

The group is trying to organize a conference this summer to discuss what is known about the issues of diversity in the magazine and the new titles.

“This issue will help us address that question, and we are looking forward to this,” Smith said.