Jerusalem woman who beat husband to death in custody dies July 18, 2021 July 18, 2021 admin

A Jerusalem woman accused of beating her husband to suicide has died, the family said.

The Palestinian Authority said Wednesday that Zuhair al-Gharawi, 46, died at the age of 50, adding that she was in a coma for a few days after suffering from heart failure.

The family said in a statement that she had been in a critical condition in a hospital for a number of days.

Al-Ghharawi was accused of killing her husband in July 2016, but the family has not yet revealed details.

He was arrested in the West Bank city of Hebron and charged with murder and robbery.

His family and his lawyers have denied those allegations.

Al, who had three children, had a history of mental illness.

In an interview with Israel Radio in 2015, she said she wanted to kill her husband because he was abusive.

She said he told her she should kill herself because she had no children.

Al was released from jail in October 2016, after a five-year sentence for the kidnapping and killing of her husband.

The woman said she did not feel that she would be able to survive in prison and went to live with her husband’s family in the Palestinian village of Kafr Nawa.

She was also accused of having sex with a number, but did not report it to the authorities.

In January 2017, al-Najjar was arrested and charged after he and his wife, Yaseen, abducted two Israeli teenagers from their homes in the occupied West Bank and later killed them.

They were killed in November 2016 in Hebron.

Israel captured the West of Hebrons two years ago after a long war with the Palestinian Authority.

The IDF said in August 2016 that the killing of Israeli teenagers in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Hebra al-Buraq was linked to Hamas.