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New Delhi: Indias newest digital publication, Women’s Magazine India, has been ordered to pay Rs.5 lakh (US$1,500) for not publishing a cover story on a woman who had died in custody.

The magazine said on Tuesday it was the latest casualty of the countrys crackdown on female-run media.

“It is unfortunate that this magazine had to take such drastic action,” the magazine’s managing editor Shanta Sood said in a statement.

“But we have learnt that women are not valued in India’s culture, and there are no other media outlets that publish content that accurately reflects our own experiences.”

The issue of the magazine, which was ordered to make a copy of its content and pay the fine, came out on Monday after a two-year investigation.

The magazine’s editor Shana Sood.

The case came to light when the editor of the publication, Shanta Dutt, posted on Twitter that the issue of a new issue of Women’s magazine was being circulated among her employees and asked if she could be a part of the cover story.

The cover story was on a case in the district where the death of the victim had occurred.

On Tuesday, a senior executive with the magazine said the issue had been sent to the publisher to be revised.

“This was a very sensitive issue,” said Shanta.

“It is a violation of the law and we were ordered to take action.”

The magazine had published the story on Wednesday, but had not published the correction, the executive said.

“The editor of Women is a very brave woman and she was brave enough to go public about the issue,” he said.

Shanta Sook, who was the magazine editor for eight years, said that the publisher of Women, V. K. Kulkarni, was aware of the issue and had contacted the magazine.

She said that V.K. Kaul, who is the managing editor of India’s largest print media company, was also aware of it and had sought the magazine to be corrected.

Shana Sook and V.S.

Kulkarnis daughter, Durga, have not commented.

The police have not yet commented on the case.