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A fitness coach who uses video and physical exercises to boost her self-confidence, plus advice on how to achieve her fitness goals, has opened up about how she and her clients can be more confident in their bodies and performance.

Shelby S. Ritter is the founder of the Women’s Fitness Journal, which launched in October 2015 and has since garnered more than 600,000 readers and more than $20,000 in revenue.

The women’s fitness industry has seen a surge in the last five years, as fitness magazines and other media outlets have been increasingly geared toward women.

“I think women are now so much more aware of the body and how it functions and they’re seeing it in their own lives and seeing it on television and seeing the benefits of exercise and nutrition and diet,” said Sutter, who has also trained for the US Paralympic team.

“It’s something that is so ingrained in our culture and in our family that it’s a big part of our lives, but women aren’t always aware of how it works.”

Ritter, who works with clients in New York City and New Jersey, said she uses video, physical and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help her clients achieve and maintain a “strong body.”

She said she’s helped more than 300 women with their fitness goals.

While some women may feel like their bodies aren’t strong enough, “there are many women who are not strong enough in the first place.

They’re still trying to get stronger,” said Ritter.

She said women are “often taught that their body is weak, so they have to train harder or they’re not going to get strong.

It’s a very old idea, but it’s not true.”

Ritters training sessions are structured to make her clients feel more confident and productive.

“My workouts are not too hard or too easy,” she said.

“There are definitely things you can do to strengthen your body.”

Ritts clients are encouraged to include physical activity in their routines and take up physical activity as part of their daily lives.

Ritts says her clients have taken up swimming, weightlifting and martial arts.

“We’ve had women who have started to lift weights and do martial arts, and the strength they’ve gained has been incredible,” Ritt said.

Ritter said she works with the women who reach her goal, adding, “I have so many clients who have never met me before, and they have their dreams and goals in their heads.”

“If you’ve been doing it for a while and you’ve got a good body, you can become a confident, healthy, strong woman.”

The magazine has a new issue of its monthly magazine that will launch on Monday, April 18.

The cover story, “The Body Is Your Strength,” is a feature on the women’s health industry and includes interviews with industry experts, fitness experts, and experts in the field of fitness.

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