The Power Of Journaling

Our brain responds highly to all things we do every day.

No matter where you are at, and what you’re suffering with right now:

There are absolutely NO EXCUSES why we cannot take 2 minutes to sit down and make entries in our journal.

The more difficult this task seems to you, the more excuses you come up with, the more indication there is that YOU NEED TO JOURNAL.

This is about YOU, YOU are taking the time to sit down and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. The journal-ritual forces you to write things down and reflect, every morning.

So, this is for EVERYONE, we start with writing in our journal for 2 minutes, every morning after we wake up.

No matter what.

You write down “I’m grateful for..” and you write down 3 THINGS you are grateful for. If you can feel emotions of gratitude while you’re writing, even better. If not, no problem, write down your things anyway and don’t overthink it, just keep writing.

The next day, you write down new things you’re grateful for and then do a recap of your entries of the previous days.

DO NOT underestimate the power of this simple routine. Many of you will find themselves procrastinating at first, but further down the line, you’ll open up more and you’ll enjoy the process and things will start to flow more freely.

For now let’s leave it at three gratitude entries in your journal, every morning, and we’ll build from there.

We want to condition the part of your brain that deepens the capacity to appreciate the THINGS WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE, no matter how unhappy, anxious and discontent we feel about other areas of our life.

You can tap into who you truly are at your core, without inhibitions or judgment, it’s your sacred space that no one can enter.

Hope I could provide some value and please feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

With love,

Joe Fox
Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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