Practical Ways To Simplify Your Life

Our lives can get very hectic.

Commitments, a lot of things we want to do, a lot to keep up with.

Technology is fuelling our fast-paced environments and it's no wonder that we become overwhelmed.

Can our mind and body keep up?

There's no doubt that the human body is highly adaptable to stresses and challenges.

However, if the pressures from our outside world keep increasing and we lack the ability to stay flexible with how we interpret things on the inside, our body will inevitably be pushed beyond its limits.

As a result, we feel stressed, tired and all kinds of symptoms start to emerge. Here are a few things that will help you simplify your life and reduce the sense of overwhelm:

1) It's ok to push yourself on all levels but you also have to know when to take the foot off the gas so your body can come back to its natural homeostasis and equilibrium in order to recharge.

Slowing down isn't a bad thing. 

Sometimes our minds are less cluttered when we do things slowly. We'll be able to maintain a better focus and as a result of that even increase our output and productivity.

2) Learn to prioritize daily activities and tasks. What are the things that require the most brain power?

Commit to doing creative things in the early morning. You're refreshed and you can get the most done in the least amount of time.

Don't make the mistake of rushing through your day, putting out fires left and right without giving your day structure.

3) It's crucial to not only declutter your brain but also to ask yourself "How much stuff do I really need?".

Make sure anything you have in your life has a solid reason to be there. If not, get rid of it. Learn to detach and only keep things you really need.

4) Keep a journal and make entries every morning, listing everything you're grateful for that's already showing up in your life.

Use it to organize your day, make brief notes and identify the most important tasks for the day and get those things done in the morning.

At night, take out the journal again and use it as a "brag book".

Write down all the things you accomplished today, even the small things deserve a mention. You're precious, the work you do is important, so learn to acknowledge yourself.

5) Make time for the things that matter to you most. Be clear about your priorities and make sure you regularly carve out time to satisfy your needs and give attention to your interests, and hobbies. 

6) Be conscious of the time you spend disconnected from your phone.

Resist the impulse to constantly check your social media for that quick dopamine spike in your brain.

We're all guilty of doing that but being mindful of that addiction helps us to stay more present in real life.

It helps us to actually be there and not be absent-minded and rushing from one moment to the next. Past and future are created in the present moment, so remember, the present moment is all you'll ever have in your life. 

7) Be mindful of your diet. You don't have to be meticulous about it but know that your high-performance body needs quality fuel if you want it to regenerate quickly.

Your body thrives on healthy foods.

Now add some daily exercise and you have a great foundation in place that enables your system to support you in stressful times.

It's of essence that you appreciate your body, that you respect it and acknowledge it.

Doing this will boost all healing properties.

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Thank you for your time and I hope I was able to bring you some value. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.


With love,

Joe Fox
Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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