Navigating Your Emotional Compass

Becoming a master in navigating through the labyrinth of our emotions is one of the most important life skills.

Everything we do in life is more or less fuelled by craving that good, happy feeling, that tingly sensation in our body.

Learning how to notice and acknowledge your feelings enables you to step out of the “emotional autopilot” and work with your emotions in a resourceful way where you shed light on your inner world.

First, we need to be aware that the emotion is there. Well, I guess you are probably somewhat mindful about your emotions but deliberately focusing your attention on the feeling is the way to go if we want to be and most importantly stay in control.

Have you ever felt on top of the world and genuinely believed that everything is possible for you?

Or did you ever feel so sad that all you could see was you wandering through a dark valley with no light in sight?

Those are the two opposite ends of the spectrum of the emotions we can or are most likely to experience on a regular basis. Our emotions are a direct extension of our predominant thoughts and therefore heavily influence the direction of our life - how we create and experience our physical reality.

If our feelings are a direct result of our thinking, if feelings are our feedback system, then it should be possible to listen carefully and tune into them - just like a compass lets us know if we’re heading the right way.

When we feel off and low, stressed and overwhelmed, anxious and fearful, we know that our emotional compass is signaling us that we are off course and that the thoughts we’re thinking are not aligned with the reality we want to experience.

We’re all addicts and crave positive emotions. We want to feel good and happy and joyful all day and every day. But if emotions are our inner compass and guidance system, can we take a step back and regard all emotions as beneficial and helpful and NOT judge the emotions that we feel?

Not label them as good or bad?

When we regularly check in with ourselves and create more awareness around our emotional states, then we can be more mindful of our thoughts as well.

- you can check in with yourself by keeping a journal that you always keep with you so you can make brief notes about your observations. A quick note here and there is absolutely magical and it’s all you need to reinforce the process of tracking and monitoring your emotions and thoughts.

- you can also do a quick mindfulness exercise, notice your breathing and take a few conscious inhales and exhales.

- or you can just sit quietly and meditate for a couple of minutes, that’s all it takes.

No matter what tool you choose to stay present and aware around your patterns, remind yourself that you’re the captain of your ship, you are the author of your story and you have the power and wisdom to create whatever you want. 

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Thank you for your time and I hope I was able to bring you some value. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.


With love,

Joe Fox
Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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