When My Life Fell Apart

My energy levels dropped significantly..

..and I wasn’t able to exercise anymore.

I went into a downward spiral.

I just kept going lower and lower..

- exercise was my remedy
- exercise was that one thing.

..that allowed me to escape that mental prison..

- exercise allowed me to create some balance
and put the thoughts and worries on pause,
at least for a little while.

“I can’t exercise anymore?”
“How am I gonna keep my sanity!?”

It felt as if I’m losing control, it felt as if I’m free falling..

“Where’s the fu**ing ripcord to open my parachute??!”

Realizing that I don’t have the energy anymore
to go out and exercise, go skating, go to the gym and
go surfing kept me locked in a state of hopelessness.

I was challenged with something I had never experienced
before in my life.

Before my life went downhill in front of my very eyes..

..I had my sh*it together:

*I ran my real estate company
*worked on my music career on the side
*and had a great girl-friend..

Something that looked like the ideal work/life balance
from the outside.

But where was I now?

Consulting doctors left and right and all they had to say

Was that I needed to rest and take some time off from work?


After trying to rest for a whole year I DID NOT see any

change in my energy levels.

In the contrary, I felt exhausted from not doing anything.

I started to get those nasty headaches, couldn’t sleep
anymore, my skin was itching.

I was swinging back and forth between overeating and not

eating anything at all.

Truth to be told, my life and everything in it..


I ended up taking a lot of meds for insomnia, anxiety

and depression that sometimes managed a few symptoms

here and there..

..but the side effects made my whole situation
even more unbearable.

Nothing, absolutely nothing seemed to work.

Now I was bedridden  - and I was in my early thirties.

I lost hope and felt completely helpless.

Life stopped making sense.

7 long years, and 200k later, I was forced to look at myself,

go deep and find out what the real CAUSE is.

Fast forward, it was me taking matters in my own hands

that created the deep shifts that led to my symptoms to

slowly but surely disappear.

It felt as if I’m getting my life back.

It felt like getting a second chance to succeed in life..

.. turning off the autopilot and living with purpose and presence.

The real breakthrough for me was when I clearly saw
my patterns and behaviors..

..and most importantly cleaning up my identity-level conflicts
that were hidden and buried deep inside of me,
inside my subconscious mind.

There’s a lot more to say but I want to leave you with this:

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, burned out, have anxiety or

are depressed, or see your energy go down..

Ask yourself, what’s the underlying CAUSE?
What’s concealed?
What am I doing wrong here?
What’s the LESSON?

Reach out to me if you want to chat about this.

With love,

Joe Fox
Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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