Love Your Body - How To Create A Positive Self-Image

Becoming completely free as a person requires us to escape the prison of our own false beliefs.

We only have this one body that we were given so it’s our responsibility to first and foremost accept it regardless of the image that you and your external world project on it.

If I think back to my teenage years, I vividly remember that some of my classmates bullied me, made fun of me, telling me that I’m too skinny and too tall.

My parents always made sure I’m eating enough and most importantly eat fatty foods so I would hopefully gain some weight. When we are kids and teenagers we are highly impressionable.

Our formative years shape our world and instill value and belief systems that set us up for the future.

Our mind is basically a blank slate, an empty canvas when we’re young. All we know about ourselves, including all the judgments, stem from things we hear and adopted as our own.

I remember that I no longer saw myself as a healthy person when I looked into the mirror. All I saw was me - the imperfect me, me - the incomplete, me - the skinny person, me - the one undeserving of love.

How can I possibly accept myself when my environment that I rely on so much is telling me that there’s something wrong with me?

Until I had reached my late 30ies I had a strong tendency to overeat and consume high-calorie foods so I can fill the void and eventually be complete and “ok”. Ok with myself and hopefully good enough for my peers and loved ones.

Remember that your negative thoughts about your body consume you. Every single negative thought that revolves around your body image is fueling and reinforcing the already established neural pathway in your brain.

Look at it as a seesaw.

Your goal is to create more genuine, positive thoughts that act as a counterweight. It demands effort and mindfulness to catch yourself when your mind is on autopilot and convinces you that there’s something wrong with you.

Your mind has been telling you a story for so many years. Flipping the script is absolutely possible even if the negative self-image that was created feels like a hard fact.

Perfectionism isn’t the goal. It can never be a goal as nothing in life is perfect, nothing.

Perfectionism is an illusory concept that our subconscious uses to propel us into a vicious circle of incessant suffering.

We are tricked to believe that when we reach perfectionism (in any aspect of our lives) that we will be free of pain and judgment.

The truth is, there’ll always be people in your life who will judge us, no matter how we look and what we do or say. Letting go of all those high standards we have created for ourselves is the only way to escape the negative feedback loop in our mind.

We’re all a work in progress and the sooner we can embrace this fact, the less friction there will be in our body.

Embrace all parts of yourself even those that you think are “imperfect”.

Less dissonance in our mind also means less friction on the physical level as well.

The main benefits are, increase of metabolic function and immune response but it also has a positive effect on all other bodily systems. Do you see how powerful this is? Do you think it is worth that you give this your full attention?

Fast forward I still have some negative thoughts emerge and some struggles reappear but they don’t control me, they don’t have absolute power over me anymore. I'm much more confident and I feel I'm in control and not have my mind control me.

I believe we should all aspire to practice forgiveness and self-compassion. Adopting new ways and thought patterns takes time and requires us to be patient and very gentle with ourselves.  

It demands your attention and some effort to shift the negative image that’s been ingrained over decades.

The great news, however, is that you can work with it and shift it to an extent where your vibration and energetic response changes in a way where you not only accept, but wholeheartedly start to love the way you look.

Thank you for your time and I hope I was able to bring you some value. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

With love,

Joe Fox
Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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