7 Steps To Quickly Align Your Chakras

We all face challenges and adversity or at least experience some kind of stress on a daily basis. Do you agree?

The truth is, I can be resilient to it - I can be adaptable to it, and I can thrive in spite and even BECAUSE of stress and pressures that surround me.

It's actually very possible to improve our health in the face of stress, trauma, and illness.

And that's because our INNER ALIGNMENT can be strong and provide a solid foundation. A foundation that gives us a choice and we don't have to be at the mercy or circumstances.

Let's go into a brief overview of the chakra system and what we can do to get into alignment..

1) The Root Chakra can be our main navigational tool when life challenges us.
It reminds us to be grounded. Having a strong and dense root system in place that anchors us in our core is absolutely vital.

Becoming still for only a few minutes can be very powerful. Becoming present to the moment, sitting quietly, and meditating helps tremendously to de-stress the nervous system. Simplifying our life can be magical!

2) The Sacral Chakra is all about feelings. Life happens and we can connect to this part that allows us to feel, feel deeply and appropriately. 

When you find yourself in an experience that's overwhelming, we need to connect with the feeling (that may be concealed at first) and instead of resisting it, we can embrace it, knowing that we are riding that wave of this particular experience.

The more you allow the feeling to be and also allow yourself to notice it, the sooner it will crescendo and then decrescendo again. It's a dynamic of up and down, ebb and flow, coming and going, increasing and decreasing.

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra

Transforming energy! Do you know that panicky feeling of restless legs, we are antsy, we are running around - it's as if the energy forces us to move. The energy wants and needs to move through us. 

Doing some stretching or yoga poses, or even just going for a walk can absolutely help. It's all about moving the body, ideally in nature, at the beach or elsewhere.

We can use the elements to bring us back to the source.

We here at Moonsun Malibu have a deep love for the ocean. Being surrounded by water, (surfing, swimming, diving) is the ultimate therapy.

Water is incredible healing properties - you can even treat yourself to taking regular baths at home. 

4) The Heart Chakra

What are my connections? Where is my support system? 

We can call a loved one or have a meaningful conversation with someone, or we can drop down into prayer and surround ourselves with the knowledge of being guided and be reminded of the fact that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

5) The Throat Chakra

"Take that breath!". When we are stressed, this area of our body constricts and our breathing gets shallower. If we notice this we can instantly become more centered if we take a few conscious breaths.

Long inhales and even longer exhales. This has a soothing and calming effect on our often overstimulated and hyper-aroused sympathetic nervous system.

6) The Third-Eye Chakra

How do we perceive our world and our surroundings?

We can drop the story of what's going on. Dropping all the mental chatter, that incessant flow of counterproductive and sabotaging thinking is ultimately liberating.

Again, with enough awareness, we can put ourselves in a position where we actually have a choice and be mindful so we don't have to be a slave to our mind.

6) The Crown Chakra

Our divine connection to our greater self, to the universe, to God, to the source. It's that thing that's bigger than life - it's that primordial energy that creates life.

To balance our Crown Chakra we need to make sure we not only get enough sleep but more importantly, get good, quality sleep that's restorative.

Sleep that's restful and refreshing. 

All you need to do is give this some practice. Take a moment, go through your chakras in sequence, ask yourself..

1) Root Chakra: Am I grounded?
2) Sacral Chakra: Am I feeling?
3) Solar Plexus Chakra: Do I need to move?
4) Heart Chakra: Am I connected?
5) Throat Chakra: Do I need to take a deep breath?
6) Third Eye Chakra: Do I need to drop the story?
7) Crown Chakra: Do I need to nurture myself?

Check in with each and every chakra, and with a little bit of practice, this can be done quickly and effectively.

The critical key here is to create more and more awareness around our own patterns and behaviors and form a new habit of checking in with ourselves in a structured manner that is effortless and becomes a ritual!

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Sending you peace, love, and good vibes,

Joe Fox

Founder of Moonsun Malibu

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