We believe that the ocean and yoga mean spirituality, freedom, friendship, and communing with nature. It’s a place to express your unique individuality and style while you share good vibes. Every day practicing yoga and spending time in nature replenishes your spirit so you can live your life with passion. 

Since day one we’ve worked to create beautiful, innovative products to inspire people and help create awareness. Our products are meant to provide you with a daily reminder of the innate wisdom that you can access at all times. 
Wearing Moonsun Malibu apparel can help you be more involved when it comes to raising your own awareness and consciousness.
You not only inspire and grow your own awareness, you actually radiate a message that inspires and potentially helps raise the consciousness of other people around you as well.

Thank you very much for your time, for your support and for your interest in our products.

Your Moonsun Malibu-Team


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